Meet our Instructors

Whether you want to be a weekend flyer or an airline pilot, getting your private pilot license is the first step. At Aero Maintenance we can help you in this journey. We have capable, experienced instructors to help guide you along the way and teach you the skills needed to become a safe and confident pilot.

Our FAA Certified Flight Instructors bring skills and experience to the training environment from airline, bush, corporate and water flying backgrounds. At Aero Maintenance we teach flying, not just numbers. From Private Pilot to Airline Transport we will get you trained and ready for your FAA check ride and a life long journey in aviation.

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Instructor Bios


Tim Reed (CFI, CFII, Tail-Wheel)

Biography: Tim has been with AMFC since 2013 and has aspirations of working in the mission aviation field. He has dedicated his academic experience to becoming a well rounded pilot and a licensed mechanic. Excitement, passion for aviation, and a genuine appreciation for the hard work pilots put into learning to fly safely. Tim is very talented at goal setting and would love to help you achieve your dream of flight. He can be found at the airport most days of week besides Sundays.

Hobbies: Dogs, trying International food, playing jazz, learning about new people and cultures

Peers describe Tim as: Goofy, inspired, and motivated

Teaching Style: Motivator

“As a teacher, my greatest desire is to see students grow to stretch past challenges and overcome obstacles. I like to work with students to set good, aggressive goals and form a plan together to become the best pilot they can be. I believe students can accomplish almost anything with a quick mind, determination, and a good plan.”

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Jason McCormick (Assistant Chief Instructor: CFI, CFII)

Jason McCormick (CFI, CFII)Biography: Who doesn’t love an instructor who has great people skills? Mr. Jason McCormick has been flying with AMFC since 2013 and is that guy who greets everyone with an open ear. He has great experience teaching both VFR pilots and IFR pilots. Wednesdays through Sundays you can find Jason willing and ready to fly.

Hobbies: Guitar sounds, books, and sports

Peers describe Jason as: Creative, caring, and professional

Teaching Style: Delegator

“I have been known to assign homework and send emails with videos to watch. I pride myself on keeping track of progress and providing personalized training.”

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Hudson Frost (Assistant Chief Instructor: CFI, CFII)

Hudson Frost (CFI)Biography: Many of us are proud to be aviation nerds..Hudson is no exception. He has been in the aviation community since childhood and has been supported by many pilots in the hangers here at Pearson. He has an educational background with both ATC and Aerospace Science. His involvement in the industry has created a wonderful teacher who is never tired of learning and researching aviation. You can find him at AMFC most days.

Hobbies: Skiing, flying, camping, outdoors, traveling

Peers describe Hudson as: Witty, researcher, and a trivia nut

Teaching Style: Delegator

“Breaking training into segments and delegating study sessions between lessons allows training to be efficient and cost effective.”

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 Jared Persitz (CFI, CFII)

jaredcfiBiography: Many people talk about getting the “aviation bug”.  Jared got the “bug” at the age of 10 after watching “Top Gun”.  Hard work, dedication, passion, and excellent customer service skills has been his driving forces to achieve his career goals.  Any small business would be lucky to have such a gem on their staff…Aero Maintenance is very fortunate.

Hobbies: Working out, being a dad, and a few rounds of golf

Peers describe Jared as: Courteous, motivated, and a researcher

Teaching Style: Motivator

“Students learn best when there is a bit of intrigue in the topic at hand.  There is power is giving a student the tool needed to discover an answer instead of being told.  Oh the thrill in research when it IS inside your reach!”

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Jason Sams (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Biography: Jason is both an airplane mechanic and a pilot.  If you need an explanation of how systems work, break and everything in between, Jason has that skillset.  He has been part of the aviation world for over twelve years.  He served with the Air Force as an ammunition guy until he joined the general aviation community.  You can find him giving flight lessons most days of the week.

Hobbies: Playing dad, watching good movies, flying…duh, and enjoying the outdoors.

Peers describe Jason as: Mindful, researcher, and professional.

Teaching Style: Expert

“Success is when preparation meets opportunity”

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Darrel Carter Jr. (DJ) (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Biography:Hailing from the Dixie, DJ has been flying for 7 years and has flown from the East Coast to the West Coast. Dj has traveled the skies professionally and brings that experience to the teaching environment. Technique, knowledge, and safety define his teaching style, allowing for comprehensive and complete training to help students reach for the skies. You might find a corny joke mixed in there also. Dj has a part time schedule here at Aero Maintenance.

Hobbies: Firearms, Witty humor, and walks on the beach

Peers describe Darrel as: Devoted, funny, and thorough.

Teaching style: Mentor

“Dreams are flightless ideas until you mix a little bit of hard work and motivation! From who I have taught and who I get the pleasure of interacting in this fun thing we call aviation, the more a person strives for the skies they will see success and fun in the skies ahead!”

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Mia Leutwiler (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Biography: Mia’s passions are aviation and education and she has spent her 20 year career working in both fields.  In addition to flight instructing, Mia’s past aviation experience includes: aircraft sales and ferry pilot, flight school management,  and pilot ground instructor for Horizon Airlines. Mia holds a Bachelors in Aviation and a Masters in Teaching.

Being a mother of 2 active boys, part-time flight instruction allows Mia to share her experience with others while balancing work with family. Mia focuses on advanced instruction for both the recreational and professional bound pilot. She transitions good pilots into great pilots with her dedication, commitment and patience. Mia holds an ATP and has a CL65 Type Rating with over 1200 hours of flight instruction given.  Working on a Commercial or CFI certificate? Need some advanced x-country or glass  cockpit and automation instruction? Mia could be your instructor of choice.

Hobbies: traveling, interior decorating, being a mom

Peers describe Mia as: professional, patient, easy going, dedicated and creative

Teaching Style: Facilitator

“I hope to inspire the pilot community to continue their personal development by creating a safe environment to explore their personal aspirations. Mistakes present opportunities for learning and for improving skills.”

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 William Hensick (ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI)

Biography: William first got into Aviation at 16 when he soloed a Cessna 150 for the first time.  However, it was not be until he was out of college for a few years that he would return to flying; this time it would be in helicopters.  William was lucky enough to work in South Korea for 2 years as a helicopter instructor.  Upon his return to the US he saw the light; he pursued my ratings to fly airplanes.  He has had the privilege to send students on their first solo in both categories of aircraft. William has a part time schedule here at Aero Maintenance.

Hobbies: Lots of travel, backpacking and water sports.

Peers describe William as: Professional, Devoted, Courteous

Teaching style: Pragmatic

“In Aviation there is always something new to learn, that’s what makes it so rewarding”

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Adam Moore (CFI, CFII, Tail-Wheel)

Biography: Adam is an accomplished pilot and instructor with 10 years of flying experience in the Pacific Northwest. He has spent many of those years instructing here at Pearson and is always seeking new ways to teach more effectively. Adam has most of his flying time in tail-wheel and back-country aircraft, making him a great fit for those who want to learn to fly our Cub.

Hobbies: Woodworking, Family, Making music with his guitar and drums.

Peers describe Adam as: Engaging, fun, hard working, and dedicated.

Teaching style: Demonstrator

“Sometimes to be a good CFI, one must play good cop/bad cop.”

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Tom DeMarino (CFI)

Biography: Tom grew up in a military aviation family and is a retired U.S. Navy pilot. His second career was in aerospace spread equally between manned and unmanned aircraft systems with an emphasis on research and development. As a pilot he has flown over 50 different models of aircraft. His aviation background includes instructing in all modes of flight, aviation accident investigation, safety systems, and interfacing with the FAA on airport design, approach design, and flight test. His personally owned aircraft have included a Stinson 108-1, Beech Bonanza, AeroCommander Darter 100, and a Cessna 172.
He dabbles at building a Glastar experimental.

Hobbies: Flying, photography, grandkids, flying, flying . . .

Peers describe Tom as: Humorous, experienced, calm

Teaching style: Facilitator

“‘No, that is the great fallacy: the wisdom of old men. They do not grow wise. They grow careful.’  – Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms. Hemingway’s wisdom is pronounced in the old aviation adage ‘There are old pilots, there are bold pilots, there are no old, bold pilots.’ As an instructor, I strive less to teach the art of flying than the art of thinking.”

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Brian McCormick (CFI)

Biography: Brian grew up in the Pacific Northwest and is not a stranger to adventure and flying. With his sense of curiosity, flying was a natural progression for Brian. When he is not spending time with his family, Brian is constantly looking for new places to go and new things to discover.

Hobbies: Fishing, flying, rock climbing

Peers describe Brian as: Honest, Professional, Researcher

Teaching style: Demonstrator

“In the past two years, my daughter has taught me to mentor and teach with patience and empathy, and I am looking forward to applying this during flight lessons.”

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Alex Miller (CFI)

Biography:A second generation pilot, Alex has had aviation in his blood since birth.  Working out of PDX and flying around New York City and Memphis airspaces are a few examples of his diverse piloting experience.  He’s a professional who strongly believes that a good pilot is always learning.

Hobbies: Family, travel, music, exercise, and learning about aviation

Peers describe Alex as: Fun, Forthright, and Fascinating

Teaching style: Motivator

“Experience is the one true path to attaining skill as a pilot. As Chuck Yeager said. “There’s no such thing as a natural-born pilot”. You shouldn’t fear failure because it is sometimes the best learning experience. If you keep pushing until you reach your goals, you’ll feel more accomplished.

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