Calendar of Events

Ground Schools at Aero Maintenance (See below for details)

Events and Seminars at Pearson

  • Please check back often as we roll out our events for spring 2017!


Ground Schools

2018 Ground Schools

  • Wednesday, May 16 – Monday July 16: Private Pilot Ground School (8-week program). Classes take place every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 8:30pm (through Monday, March 12th).  A $50 deposit secures your spot.  Call (360)735-9441 to sign up!
  • Monday, July 23 – Monday, September 17: Private Ground School (4-week program).  Classes take place every Monday and Wednesday evening 6pm – 8:30pm (through April 25th).  A $50 deposit secures your spot. Call (360) 735-9441 to sign up!

Flyout schedule for 2018

Past Flyouts
Upcoming Flyouts:
To Be Determined

Flyout FAQs

  • What is a flyout?
    • Flyouts is an opportunity for all aviation enthusiasts to gather. The best part is, you get to fly to the destination!
  • I have only had 2 flying lessons so far. Can I participate in a flyout?
    • Yes. Whether it’s your first lessons or you’re an experienced pilot, a flyout is a great way to meet friends and discover the beauty of flying in the Pacific Northwest.
  • I’m not a pilot and I don’t have pilot friends. Can I participate in a flyout?
    • Yes. This is a great way to learn about getting into flying. We would also recommend that you take one of our Discovery Flights if you would like a more personalized experience.
  • What should I bring with me to a flyout?
    • If you’re flying as a passenger, bring a camera (because there will be beautiful sights along the way).
    • If you will be the Pilot-In-Command, bring everything that you would usually bring as a PIC.
  • How many friends can I take on a flyout?
    • This depends on the capacity of the plane you’ll be flying. The earlier you sign up, the better. Call us to sign up for our flyouts.
  • Can I log my time for a flyout?
    • Certainly! As long as you’re the PIC for that leg of the flyout.